​Flight School - Vacation Bible 2020 – Learn to take flight!       

​Our group of pilots in training will learn what the bible has to say about:

  • ​​Taking flight in this world
  • ​​Pre flight checklists to avoid a crash
  • ​​Basic understandings abour how our "air plane" works
  • ​Always be prepared
  • How to fly high and far

Not everyone can be a pilot. It requires a special level of training, experience and physical fitness, but not everyone who trains and prepares can take flight as pilot in an airplane.

​As we involve your children, they get to see for themselves the rich lessons of faith and living that can be learned.

​Every day we will have a new drama for your kids to help them take their lessons farther in a delightful way.

​There will be themed snacks to drive those lessons home.

There will be super fun games.

And of course in all of this and most importantly we will be teaching what the bible says about taking flight spiritually.

This year we will be making some modifications to keep everyone safe while having fun.

Registration will be online only. Parents will check their kids in with our staff without getting out of their cars.

We will adhere to child and helper ratios for day camps per the state suggestions.

​We will attempt to create extra distancing by making more use of outside space.

​​Time JULY 27 - 31 ; 9:30 AM - NOON, Ages K thru entering 5th grade