Come let your kids explore space and understand the real force in the universe

Episode I: The Greatest Menace
Kids will learn how the great war began, when the Dark Invader came
to Eve and deceived her and Adam into trading God’s Light for sin and
darkness. A spiraling decline follows, culminating in a catastrophic
global flood. But in the wake of these disasters, God promises a Light–a
deliverer–who will defeat the darkness. This Deliverer will come from
the family of one special man, chosen by God, whose name was Abram.

Episode II: A New Nation
The great grandson of Abram has carried on in Abram’s footsteps, but
years after Joseph became the leader of Egypt, the Hebrew people have
become slaves to the Egyptians. But God has heard their cries and sent
Moses to lead His people out of slavery through a series of devastating
plagues. Now free of Egypt, the Hebrews struggle to establish a nation of
their own, taking possession of the land which God had promised them.
“Episode II” will show kids that God has chosen us to come out of our sin
and to enter His rest by placing our trust in Him.

Episode III: The Fall of Israel
After a chaotic period of Judges, God gives Israel a king of their own,
eventually placing David on the throne. Although David serves God
wholeheartedly, the kingdom soon divides and descends into rebellion
and depravity until all of Israel and Judah are taken again into slavery by
Assyria and Babylon. Yet, even in this dark hour, a light shines, heralding
the promise of a Deliverer… “Episode III” will challenge kids to hold up the
Light of God even in the darkness by walking in God’s Light and trusting
in His Promises.

Episode IV: The Only Hope
After 400 years of silence by God and oppression at the hands of Greece
and Rome, a Light whose coming has been long foretold has dawned like
the sun. This Light, whose name is Jesus, is the fulfillment of all of God’s
Promises throughout the Bible for a Deliverer, and is the pivotal point
in all of history. Even so, the Dark Invader appears to win a great victory
as Jesus is arrested and put to death, seemingly putting an end to God’s
plan. But in an unexpected and wondrous turn of events, Jesus rises
from the dead, leaving man’s sin in the grave, and hope is alive and well!

Episode V: Return of the King
From the accounts of the book of Acts to the triumphant return of the
glorified Jesus as King of Kings in Revelation, “Episode V” will explain
that Jesus will one day return to earth, and although we don’t know
the precise timing or details of how it will unfold, we can be certain of
these things: It will certainly happen, and when it does, the King of Kings
and Lord of Lords will destroy the darkness for all eternity, and evil will
never be heard from again!

As we involve your children, they get to see for themselves the rich lessons of faith and living that can be learned.

​Every day we will have a new drama for your kids to help them take their lessons farther in a delightful way.

​There will be themed snacks to drive those lessons home.

There will be super fun games.

And of course in all of this and most importantly we will be teaching what the bible says about God and the force he is in the universe and our lives.

Registration will be online only. Parents will check their kids in with our staff without getting out of their cars. 

​​Time JULY 27 – 31 ; 9:30 AM – NOON, Ages K thru entering 6th grade