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  1. I appreciated Mr. Markovich’s closing comment.

    These men gave everything they had for this country.
    What are YOU willing to give up for the Lord Jesus?

  2. Was the birth of our nation birthed of rebellion? Truly, was it? Doesn’t the Bible say that rebellion is as witchcraft in the sight of the Lord? Ha ha ha…what do we do now,bro? We are all a bunch of rebels in need of repentance!!! When I was born again of the Holy Spirit Oct. 23, 1997, I discovered what a fraud I was. Holy sh–! God’s not a capatilist or a republican!!! When you guys having GlennBeck speak to the church? God help us all!!!!

  3. John I likely would have been a Tory myself as grateful in one sense as I am for both physical freedom and financial prosperity that has developed out of the way we started. I certainly can’t justify Revolution via the scripture. However I will leave the individual intentions of the people of that era to be judged individually by God. Certainly not all of the folks involved were involved for the same reason. There were certainly God fearing people on both sides of the line.

    For what ever reason God seems to have brought blessing whether it is was an example of evil men being cursed by prosperity (david talks about this) or God chose to bless nation as in judgement Britain at that time for it’s evil or maybe God had some other use or plan. We actually don’t know God’s plan for this nation.

    I think there were true Christians involved in the revolution. They all had there own justification right or wrong and for the true Christians God had mercy and continued his sanctifying in their life before and after the revolution.

    I know you are using hyperbole but you know well that Glenn Beck wouldn’t be welcome teaching at WBF 🙂 Not by the elders at any rate.

    I was at Liberty Commencement when Glenn Beck was invited there to speak and it I made me sick to my soul seeing star stuck evangelical christian say amen and clap and hoot as he tugged them and moved them using references to their faith that meant something totally different to him in his pagan beliefs than they did to any of them.

  4. John, first let me address the Glen Beck issue. personally i am not a fan of his but i am sure it is for different reasons then most people. that however does not need to be discussed here. i wish i had time respond to your comments but for me right now that is not possible. i will however respond at a future time. with some prepared comments. i appreciate your concern for the spiritual well being of the assembly. i would love to chat with you off line as to the genesis of this sermon. i am sure you would appreciate the dignity involved. but John, more importantly how are you doing? would love to have a cup of coffee with you. hit me at

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