Westlake Bible Fellowship
To Learn God's word, to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, to fellowship with believers, to tell others: for HIS glory

Join our group of fire cadets as we learn what the bible has to say about:

  1. Preventing fires
  2. Got what it takes
  3. Being fit for duty
  4. Always be prepared
  5. Search and rescue

Fire fighting is not for the faint of heart. But if you want to make a difference there is no better time than now!

As we involve your children, they get to see for themselves the rich lessons of faith and living that can be learned.

Every day will unpack a new layer of drama around a group of firefighters as they seek to save lives. Every day there will be specific Bible teaching to reach your child’s heart with God’s word.

There will plenty of fun crafts to engage your fireboy’s or fire-girl’s mind and hands.

There will also be plenty of fun games to prepare them for work as a fire person.

The legendary set designers of Westlake Bible Fellowship have plans to make the building into a fire station and a few burning buildings.

Time: June 25 – 29 10-14; 9:30 AM – NOON, Ages 4 thru entering 7th grade